Luke's Link for Dodge Ram 3rd Generation Trucks

Dodge Trucks have been notorious for bad steering. Play, wandering or drifting in the steering that will develop into a violent shake known as the Death Wobble when hitting a bump.

The cause of this problem is the track bar. Most don't know about the track bar in the Dodge Ram. It is the bar connected from the axle to the frame. There are bushings on each end. Once they wear out, the track bar moves up and down. This is the main cause for the wandering and shake. The shake happens when hitting a bump on the highway at speeds above 50mph. Hitting a bump causes the axle to start vibrating and sends the vibration through the track bar. The track bar being connected from the axle to the frame causes the truck to start shaking. This is why you must slow the truck to almost a stop to get the bar to stop shaking. 

If your truck wanders or drifts, the track bar will also cause this. When you turn the steering wheel, it moves the truck and the little play in the track bar allows the truck to drift or wander that little extra so you are always correcting the steering.

Luke's Link has the solution. For the 2003-2007.5, we offer the upgraded Polyurethane bushings to replace the stock rubber bushings. These are sold in sets. One for each end. No reason to spend the money on the whole bar when all that wears out are the ends. This will tighten up the steering and keep you straight down the road. 

For the Tie Rod Ends, Luke's Link will work on any of the four ends. Luke's Link will convert your ends to a fully adjustable end. No more spending money on bars when all that wears are the ends. These are greaseable and fully adjustable. If for some reason you ever had a little play, you can easily adjust by adding a spacer. Take a couple of minutes to adjust.

(Please note: these will only work on 3rd Generation parts. They will not work if you have the upgraded 2008 setup from Dodge.)

Works on all makes and all models, gas or Diesel.  

Luke's Link Track bar bushings and Tie Rod End Kit.



How to check to see if your track bar or tie rod ends are loose. 

1-With truck on ground, unlock steering wheel, do not start. 

2-Have a buddy rock the steering wheel back and forth hard. You can get under truck and look at each end (track bar and all four tie rod ends) to see if there is any movement up and down. 

3-If you see any movement up and down in any of the joints, you know you have a bad end that is causing you to wonder on the road. 

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